Windshield Replacement

Repairing and Replacing Windscreens – & Why You Should Care

Windscreens are exposed to great stress and damaging forces. Windscreen damage will in most times warrant a repairing or a replacement. Windscreen repair and replacement will be determined by the extent of damage. Windscreen damage is caused by;

-Direct impact-Road hazard impacts pose the greatest threat to windscreens. These include gravel, rocks and stones. These are kicked up from across a lane by oncoming vehicles or from behind the vehicle. Damage will manifest as chips, cracks or holes. Small holes may also be left by smaller gravel or rocks. However, these small chips collect moisture which condenses and expands causing the cracks to expand.

-Extreme cold-temperature variations cause uneven expansion and contractions in the windshield producing cracks that might cover the whole windshield. Temperature difference between the interior and the exterior of the car also causes the development of cracks. The interior layer of the windshield expands while the exterior contracts therefore causing distortion of the glass surface.

-Structural weakness-weak spots occur on the edges of the wind shield during the manufacturing process. This is caused by thermal treatment in the casting process. The process of joining the glass to the interior plastic liner may also cause mechanical stress. This causes imperfections on the edges of the glass. The edges are also exposed to most stress from jarring.

-Hail-these rock like frozen masses impact glass and lead to chips and cracks. Extreme hail can also cause extensive damage that might call for replacement of the windshield.

Windscreen repair

With cracks, anything that is below six inches long can be fixed. However anything larger than that will require you to install another windscreen. Cracks that cannot be repaired are stress cracks, cracks in the driver’s direct line of sight, edge cracks that extend to another edge, contaminated cracks, and cracks over 14” long.

Therefore, when cracks appear, place clear packing tape over cracks before going to a technician. Any type of repair work should be carried out as soon as possible for the best results.

The crack or chip repair process takes about thirty minutes. The process involves vacuuming as much water and dirt from the crack and the surrounding area. Resin is the put in the crack or chip and hardened with the use ultra violet light. Excess resin is cleaned out to achieve a smooth windshield surface. The resin blends seamlessly with the glass and therefore a clear line of vision for the driver.

Windscreen replacement

Windshield replacement will be necessary when damage is extensive and the chops or cracks to large too be repaired. The vehicle is prepared for installation by outlining the windshield with protective tape and covering the interior with protective clothing. The wipers and the cowl are also removed.

The old windshield is removed by first unfastening molding if any and cutting through the urethane adhesive that keeps your windshield attached to the frame of your car. Once the windshield is out, the technician involved will strip the urethane adhesive to the metal frame. This will allow the fresh adhesive to bond well with the new windshield surface. The technician will prepare the surfaces of the frame and the new windshield to ensure minimal contamination. This also ensures a stronger bond, and prevents leaks. The technician will then place the new windshield without the adhesive or dry set it to mark the exact position it will fit. Te adhesive is then applied on the surfaces of the frame. The new windshield is then placed carefully using the marks made before as guides. During this process a technician will always wear gloves to prevent contamination of the windshield edges. The cowl, wipers, rear view mirror are then reinstalled.

Windshields should be properly installed as they are your protection from anything outside the car. It is important to avoid opting for low cost options that get you half-done jobs which are not safe. Windshields even them that are replacements should add strength to your car and protect you in case of an accident. Windshields that are not installed properly will pop out in emergencies and cause the roof to collapse and crush the car’s occupants.

With proper care, windshields should last. You should make sure that cracks do not grow by having them repaired immediately they appear.

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