Rock Chip Repair

Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Windshield Chip Instead of Replacing the Windshield

Not many people rush their vehicle to the service center when its windshield develops a small chip or crack. The task is postponed endlessly until it becomes a full blown problem, at which time instead of repair you have to spend more to replace your entire windshield. You might have to spend thousands of dollars for replacing your windshield-a chore that is both expensive and time consuming.

Were you aware that the windshield provides up to 40 percent of a car’s structural strength. In the event of a rollover or a crash, the windshield not only assists the airbags in deploying but also supports the roof. Therefore, proper maintenance of the windshield will help ensure the safety while operating the car.

When a auto windshield chips, it becomes weaker, and in these circumstances, a number of things ranging from extreme temperature change to flying debris or bad weather conditions can cause it to shatter, putting both the passenger and the driver in the harm’s way. A chipped windshield can also impair the driver’s vision on the road, affecting his/her decision making abilities in critical situation.

Sometimes road conditions can also affect the condition of windshield. Driving on dirt roads increases the likelihood that the windshield will become jarred and crack. If your car hits a pothole, the extreme force can cause pressure on the windshield and it may crack. Also glass repair is not covered under the insurance, so its best to avoid any need for full replacement.

It’s not easy to determine whether a chip will turn into a crack and cause bigger problem. In everyday driving conditions, a chipped windshield can quickly become a big safety hazard if it cracks suddenly. If a chip is unusually large and goes unrepaired, it will eventually cause a big crack. If you have a chipped windshield it does not mean that you should spend money on replacing it. You can easily get your chip repaired by a professional. There are several benefits of this approach:

* It’s safe because a chipped windshield can crack anytime

* Windshield chip repair saves you good money as fixing a chip cost much less than a new windshield.

* It’s fast as repairing a chip hardly takes more than 30-40 minutes.

Windshield Chip Repair Process

The first and most crucial step in any windshield glass repair is the evaluation of the damaged area. A technician will examine the crack or chip for the depth and size as well as location to determine whether its’ possible to repair it or not. Most chips up to 5-6 inches can be easily fixed with the help of a typical resin based auto chip repair. However, this type of repair will only work when just the top glass layer has been fractured.

New windshields are made using two strong glass layers with special rubber compound membrane firmly laminated in between; so any windshield chip repair process can resolve issues with just the top glass layer. If both these layers are severely damaged, or if there’s a hole that goes through the windshield, it’s much better to opt for windshield replacement, not repairs. Some cracks around the windscreen perimeter are impossible or difficult to correct, so for proper windshield chip repair, damage should be at a repairable place.

Once you’ve determined that your windshield can be easily fixed, the repair itself is not that difficult. The entire process takes just 30 minutes, so windshield glass repair is both affordable and simple. An auto glass shop technician uses a, sunlight cured, special resin to inject the epoxy into the windshield chip or crack using specialized tools.

This will completely fill the damaged area and ensure a smooth and fine finish on the surface. The resin completely dries out and the area becomes clear, which helps the repaired area to seamlessly blend in the surrounding windshield thereby totally hiding and strengthening the problem area. The windshield chip repair will dry to a strong, waterproof state with natural sunlight, which reinforces the windshield and prevents the chip or crack from spreading. Auto windshield repair offers you a reliable and cost effective solution for both aesthetics and sturdiness.

Most windshield repairs are super convenient, as auto glass shops can actually send their technicians to your place. As the resin cures in direct sunlight and specialized tools used to apply it are portable, there’s no need to take your truck or car into the repair shop to have them fixed. The technician can repair your windshield in your workplace’s parking lot or right in your driveway.

With so much going in your favor, what possible reason do you have for not considering windshield glass repair

Why Vision?

Years ago Vision Auto Glass started as a small company in Provo dealing only in rock chip repair. To this day our excellent training and high quality equipment and materials help us to bring the best of our specialty to you in the form of rock chip repair.

With contruction plaguing most of Utah, repairing those rock chips can save a lot of money in the long run by preventing further damage to the windshield.

Our Guarantee

Every windshield repair is backed with the full weight of the Vision Auto Glass guarantee. If our repair fails or the work isn’t satisfactory we will apply any amount paid towards a new windshield.

FREE Mobile Service

Every service we provide comes with complementary mobile service. That means that, with no extra cost to you, we provide your needed auto glass services at your home or office.

We Can Work With Your Insurance

Most insurance companies cover the entire cost of rock chip repair. They do this to save hundreds in auto glass replacements and by waiving your deductible end up passing those savings on to you.