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Things You Need To Know About Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Generally, auto glass is a very important aspect of your vehicle because it serves as a safety and cosmetic feature in one. It can, however, easily pose high risks of danger if the glass damaged and at the same time obstructing your vision. So, if you own a car, it is of utmost importance to know almost everything about the auto-body shop in order to make the right decision when it comes to auto repair and replacement. Actually, many of us get confused between replacement and repair. Some people choose to use ready home kits to fix their windshields and they end up failing to fix the problem. However, with such kits, minor damages such as cracks or chips, especially those not more than 3 inches can be easily repaired. However, major damages require a professional to replace them. Additionally, it is not possible or not recommended to repair any damage within your critical vision area no matter how small it seem to be, so the only solution in such case is windshield replacement. 

The benefits of auto repair and replacement

As soon as there is a chink in your car glass, especially the windshield, there is an essence of looking for a replacement or repair service provider to fix the problem. The auto glass of your vehicle protects the interior parts of your car from outside dirt and dust. It also has so many other important functions to serve within your car. A mere chink can easily develop into a big crack, and to some extent, if you ever happen to have an accident, it can cause the glass to break. Therefore, it is a need to have it replaced or repaired.

Why you need to have a professional auto service provider

However, before considering having the problem fixed, making sure you choose a reputable and reliable service provider who guarantees you full safety. This is because fixing any problem related to the car glass is very critical and dangerous, so it needs to be done professionally.

The service provider that you hire should comprise qualified technicians and the kind of equipments to be used should comply with the current regulations in the automobile industry. Since the technology constantly advances each passing day, there is an essence of using high-tech equipments when fixing any problem related to car glass.

The right company that offers the service of vehicle glass repair and replacement should first analyze the level of damage on the glass before considering whether to replace or fix the problem. This will save you a lot of expenses since the problem might turn out to be a just a minor one that doesn’t need a replacement rather just to be fixed. Nevertheless, if the extent of the damage tends to start from the corner or quite big, then it is obvious that it will eventually spread, and in this case, it is important to replace the windshield or any other car glass instead of repairing it.

When to consider car glass replacement or repair

• Not always, you need to turn to a professional to advice you when it’s right to fix or replace a windshield of your car. Here are some important tips that will help you determine when its right to fix a problem on your car glass or replace it.

• The severity of damage is the first thing that determines whether you need to have an auto glass replacement or repair. Additionally, the area of the damage is yet another factor, which can influence the decision to whether you need to replace the glass or repair it.

Eventually, it can be good to remember that what really matters to you is how quick you respond to any problem on your car glass. Even if the crack or chip is relatively small, delay to get it fixed in the timely manner could even worsen the problem and this can cause you a lot of money and time. Lastly, it is also important to remember that cleaning your car regularly and keeping your car under a shade could save you unnecessary expenses as a result of vehicle glass related damages. This is because heat, dirt and other elements are the major causes of auto glass damages.

Mobile Repair & Replacement Service

At Vision Auto Glass we pride ourselves in having the top quality mobile service in Utah state. Every windshield replacement can be performed with mobile service preventing scheduling and other issues. We come to you at home or the office, providing the best installation with the utmost convenience.

Windshield Rock Chip Repair

We are a preferred shop with nearly every insurance company out there. When it comes to chip repair we accept all insurance companies and can perform the repair in the comfort of your own driveway. Or, just bring it in when you get the chance.


Found a better price? Let us know and we will match it! It’s as simple as that. At Vision Auto Glass we are committed to our customers and bringing top quality at the best price around.

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We are glass specialist however from time to time we get asked about general car issues and how problems can be resolved, so we have provided you with a general overview packed with some helpful hints.

So Which Type of Mechanic is Right for Me – Mobile, Local Auto Shop or a Dealership?

If your car is in difficulty and it needs repair you have a few options. (If it is glass related you need someone like us 🙂 ).

First decide (if you can) on what the issue may be for example will the vehicle start, has the radio stopped working or is the engine making a funny noise – what does it sound like? etc. The more symptoms you can pinpoint the easier it will be to get the right assistance.

If your auto is drivable and you think you may have warranty – call the dealer and see how much repair coverage you have. Remember those car symptoms? Giving the dealer service dept. clear details will enable them to provide you with an accurate answer on your warranty coverage – no point driving to a possibly expensive dealership and finding out your don’t have enough warranty. Also the service department may be able to provide you with some phone tips to get you through an immediate issue.

Don’t Have Full Warranty Coverage? – No Worries.

If you need to pay towards car repair then it is worth considering a local mobile mechanic or an independent auto shop. (By the way using any of these types of mechanic services doesn’t necessarily void any dealership warranty – something to remember).

Local Mobile Mechanic

For sheer convenience and cost savings there is your local ‘on the go’ mechanic. These guys can be full-time mobile technicians or independent auto repair shops offering a mobile service. Go here for your estimate.

They come to you; either at home or work or if really stuck they provide roadside assistance. Same-day service is fairly standard.

Cost savings are pretty high compared to a dealership and typically prices are lower than a regular independent shop (with no mobile service). Dealerships have high overheads including advertising costs so have to make that money back somehow.

However one thing to check is certification – before a call-out insist that the technician shows you their ASE certification (industry-standard) and provides proof of insurance before they start work. This will help weed out cowboy operators and those who are not customer focussed.

Remember if your car stops unexpectedly, a mobile mechanic may be cheaper and more effective than just calling a tow truck. Well worth a phone call first.

Here’s a great example of a professional company based in the Los Angeles area.

Local Auto Shop

Similar in many ways to a mobile technician except perhaps they need less scrutiny than above, though definitely check them out online beforehand.

Depending on the fault they may be able to fix more issues as their workshop will have the necessary equipment.

Prices in general may be slightly higher than their mobile counterparts. Remember in most cases you will need to go to them and wait for a slot before work begins.


If you require a specialized service particular to your make of car then a dealership will in many cases be your best option. Their technical teams will have more in-depth experience on particular brands and have direct access to the manufacturer as backup.

Customer Service
This one is very subjective as there is a who;e spectrum of good and bad mobile mechanics, independent providers and dealerships, one group isn’t better than any other.

A referral from a trusted and previous customer is a great starting point followed by 15 minutes using Google to find out some history, quality, reviews etc.


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